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Bambino ATL

BamBinoatl rapper

Born in December, BamBino began life in Atlanta, Georgia.

 Atlanta in the 90's was tough. A fast living, pillar to post lifestyle where one learned to adapt quickly at a young age.

 Music was a way of life and gave this incredible artist a love for the unconventional.

 To survive on the streets you had to be the best at what you do. (qouted by bambino)

 This is how "BamBino" the artist was born.

 She begin using music to push boundaries, explore genres and make people think outside of the box.

 Once you listen to her - you're hooked!

Her featured singles off of her released album "ITS A CIRCUS UP THERE” are buzzworthy hits.

 BamBino’s new hit "GO STOOPID" is already being played in heavy rotation by Youtube, spotify, iHeart radio,Genderswag Radio and Hits 93 Toronto and many others platforms - leaving their thousands of listeners wanting more!

 "LET IT FLOW" A smooth romantic RnB love song real feel good music vibe.

 BamBino is the reigning Queen of Rock Rap. Her last single "SAVE US" is a mellow rock flow with a powerful community message not to be ignored by those of us concerned with change for a better world.

 BamBino was inspired by great music mentors such as OUTKAST, 2- PAC, WIZ KHALIFA, EVE.  BamBino is on her to becoming one for the greats.

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